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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 30, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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it gets hot, but i'm done with summer. it has been a long summer. >> i know. i know. >> but if you like the heat, i cannot do better than this summer and this weekend. with an exception of ten days in june and 15 in august, it has been blazing hot inland. not so much the coast of the city. they have enjoyed a lot of fog. that looks like it's going to change even the coast should see much lower temps by saturday if it doesn't kick in tomorrow because they might get a north wind. the fog is there and there's a lot more than what we're seeing on the satellite image. water temp was cold, 55, 58. that has helped. there's a delta breeze, so no warming yet, but 50s, 60s on your temps. school lafayette, 52. quite the chill there for the morning air. tropical clouds favoring right now. the sierra and san joaquin valley. not necessarily for us, but a lot of these may play into our weather next week, tuesday or wednesday.
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that's another -- we'll talk about that later. 60s 70s, 80s and 90s, tomorrow we'll get to 90s and 100s. everything is -- >> it's fine. >> good. >> you know what fine stands for, so that makes me nervous. >> well, it's light. >> okay. >> yes. steve, it's light. we're looking at is a salida county for those who drive a long way away. from your driving from fairfield or vacaville and driving into the core dill y'all area into vallejo, people are up early doing that. traffic looks okay heading out to the carnegies bridge. closer to the main part of the bay area, you can see traffic on interstate 880 is doing very well. the answer is so far, light conditions. 4:31. let's go back to desk. sal, north korea says a
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launch over japan was preparation for more operations -- kim jung un supervised the missile launch yesterday and he was very satisfied with the performance with the missile. china's foreign missile says china will abide by u.n security council sanctions on north korea. harris sat down with bay area mayors yesterday for a working meeting on a long list of issues facing the state. she says she's particularly concerned about reports that the president may resend the daca program which protects people from deportation who were illegally brought into the u.s. as children. >> they're in college. some of them are in law school. they're serving in our military. they're working in fortune 100 companies and i'm committed to make sure we keep our promise to them because we told them if you
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give us all that information about you, we will not share that information with ice. we will not deport you. america needs to keep her promise to those young people. >> senator harris said there's 220,000 people in the daca program in california. meeting in san jose covered infrastructure, jobs and the impact of climate change. california senator diane finestein surprised some people in san francisco last night when she said president trump could be a good president if he can quote, can learn and change his approach to the job. finestein was booed when she made the comment during a common weather forum. she received strong applause for most of her statements, but the crowd was not pleased when she -- she did criticize many of president trump's actions including his pardon of -- she call aid stupid
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thing to do. time is 4:34. san jose police said what had been an assault case on a 75-year-old woman has been turned over to the homicide unit. the victim is arn wu who produced -- earlier this month, she been involved in an incident with another elderly woman outside of the center. ms. wu ended up on the ground bleeding. she was taken to the hospital but later died last friday. family members and friends say she was a powerful force in the art's community. >> she often tell me that something -- she got a lot of technology, but not much art. >> she would walk by quietly and start working on her program here and get everything organized for the next dance program she would have. >> the family members and friends say they will miss the beauty that miss wu brought to their lives. they're preparing to honor her with a memorial
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service at the arts center. some of those arrested for demonstrations in berkeley on sunday are now being charged. mendez was charged with two misdemeanors of resisting arrest and assault on an officer. court documents says an officer says mendez hurled an apple at him and used her german shepherd to avoid arrest. she's the only one charged against the plan right wing rally. the near -- they're trying to cancel the free speech week featuring several prominent right wing speakers, but the university says the city does not have the authority to do that. now, the mayor says he wants to avoid more clashes like [indiscernible] caused by a group that over the weekend -- republicans say the mayor would be allowing the extreme left to win and that everyone has a right to free speech. >> i think it's absolutely
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absurd the mayor won't do anything to address domestic terrorist organization that we have that's incubated in berkeley. >> we condemn them and condemn their tactics and the citizens of berkeley are tired, as much as we stand for freedom of speech, we're tired of being the focal point of these groups clashing. >> the right wing commentator is planning to speak at next month's event. when he came to speak on campus back in february, he never got the chance to appear on stage. mass protestors vandalized -- time is 4:36. in other news, the bills for trash collection in santa rosa will sky rocket now that the city council approved a new contract -- it's a 15 year deal. it begins next january. they're taking over from the current
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hauling company. the garbage bill for most homeowners will jump almost 60% while the cost of some businesses will jump more than 200%. santa rosa city council members told the press -- they examined it thoroughly and it was of the best deal possible. recology will pay fees to the city and they promise to improve -- city of san jose is moving forward with a pilot program to build three villages of tiny houses for the homeless. that decision came after six hours of discussion from the city council and comments from the residents. >> i'm concerned our district does not get dumped with the majority of the homeless and i - i feel all the streets in the city should be sharing the problem. >> homeless residents are in our city and we can leave them outside in our parks and streets
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or in creeks or we can house them and i know they're safer if they're housed and we're safer if they're housed. >> councilman jimenez who represents south san jose favors putting the tiny homes in commercial areas examine says the project needs to slowdown. he says there's too many loose ends in the proposal and he wants a task force to look into those things before a final decision is made. >> we haven't talked about who is going to live there, and what type of services, we haven't talked about any of that. >> the city had been talking about as many as 99 possible sites for villages of up to 25 people. now that's down to a one year pilot program at two possible locations. the city council is expected to come up with a more specific plan by the end of october. 4:38. there was a vote about creating a new school district in the east bay. the
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decision that means this issue goes to the state board of education. rescue operations continue in texas where the weather is improving, but the flood waters remain. i'm doug luzader. we'll have more on that ahead. if you're drive ing into san francisco, we're looking at the bridge traffic for you. it doesn't look too bad coming around the corner and into treasure island. it was pretty good fog out there and onshore breeze. after today, everything points to a significant warmup. we'll have more on both coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:41. those flee these flood waters that keep rising in many communities. the weather there is starting to get better,
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but most of the area remains under water. doug luzader joining us. tell us what it's like out there this morning. >>reporter: this is going to be a busy place today. this is where the texas national guard is basing its operations and it's going to be headed to do more rescues today. everyone welcomes the better weather, the rain has stopped, but there's a lot of work ahead. from the air, you can see what houston still faces today. entire neighborhoods still underwater and clearing skies will only go so far. >> we are not done with the flooding even if the skies are clear. >> the death toll is rising as rescue crews come across more victims of harvey. among the casualties, officer perez who was trapped in his vehicle while responding to the storm. >> [indiscernible] and once he got there it was too treacherous to go under and look for him.
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>> new mega shelters are opening around houston to accompany thousands of evacuees. as the water recedes, we'll have a better idea of how extensive the damage is, but some may have lost just about everything. president trump arrived in the region to visit corpus christi and the state command center in austin -- >> this is historic. it's epic, what happened, but you know what, it happened in texas and texas can handle anything. >> texas will need whatever reserves they have now to push forward and face what comes next, a massive cleanup. a massive cleanup and again, it's helpful that the weather is better today. those flood waters should begin to recede relatively quickly, but there are still a lot of folks who are still trapped. >> yeah. >> back to you real quick. >> doug, i'm looking over your shoulder at what's behind you with the national guard, how big
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is it? how many do you expect to be there, do you know? >> i really don't know how many people are right here. we know that overall, this is an effort that involves you know, a big federal response from fema and the national guard and first responders from more than a dozen states. and yeah. all right. doug luzader in katie, texas. thank you. thousands of people fleeing harvey's flood waters are being rescued by crews had to leave their pets behind. thousands of pets have been found among the flooded homes. unfortunately there's no room or time for people to grab their pets. that's where animal loving volunteers are stepping in, braving the flood waters to rescue them. >> she's been coming with me all day. >> she's been -- >> she's been having fun. i guess she's freaked out being on the boat for the first time. >> we have cats and dogs that were left behind and we're going in to rescue these babies. >> we have two more dogs at
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least. >> these babies. look at that. more than 13 thousand ,000 animals have been rescued -- more than 13,000 animals have been rescued and shelters in louisiana are starting to fill up as harvey has made landfall there. we want you to see this video. this is a guy on a jet rescuing a man and his baby in houston. like so many good samaritans coming forward to help anyway they can. what a great thing to have. >> yeah. >> in this situation. he decided to put his jet ski to good use and he was see rescuing many other people as well. >> the baby is too so cool too -- the baby is too cool. we're going to ride over to sal. you're watching our commute. everybody behaving for you this morning? >> so far, dave and pam, i think so. as i look to make sure that nothing has happened since the last time we looked at some of these commutes. i will say that
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traffic on 580 westbound is getting slower, and so it is on 208 as you drive from tracy which is typical. this is not going to be unusual for you. it's beginning to slowdown as you drive toward the tracy triangle in the construction zone. no problems from tracy to livermore to dublin. this is a look at interstate 880 northbound and southbound and traffic is moving along nicely. light at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have been checking the construction zones, and no major delays. we'll leave it alone. 4:46. let's bring sal in. >> what time is it? >> 4:46. >> that's early. thank you, sir. >> that's loud. >> wow! good morning. good morning. all right. let's get to it . jaime miller who is a big time golfer but sends me tweets once in a while, it might be the 90s in sonoma county --
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there's a funny feeling in the air. fall is not fall. i would agree. however, it's not going to feel very fall-like weekend. it's going to feel like you're in phoenix. fog along the coast, 60s, 70s, 80s to 90s. tomorrow we start to warmup. if you don't spit your coffee out, fog on the coast. warm inland. temperatures on thursday, friday friday, and saturday, seeing one protection of 112 for livermore on friday or saturday -- is it saturday? saturday. it's going to get hot and the coast looks like they'll join the party which has not been the case all summer long. they've had lots of fog and temperatures blazing hot for many. there's more fog than what these satellite images are showing and it's making a good push on the delta breeze. a lot of temps have cooled out. it's going to turn more northerly.
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if it doesn't happen today, it will be tonight into tomorrow. the delta breeze is turbo charge. no warming indicated there. 50s and 60s on the temps and 40s to the north. wood side on the peninsula is 51. these are cooler than what we've seen recently. pacifica 53 degrees. saint cloud is warmer. 58 in fremont, and los altos hills both 57 degrees. tropical clouds, very close, but mainly stayed up toward the sierra nevada giving them thunderstorms. 46 in truckee. 57 ukiah. 58 in monterey. yesterday the sky s ies lit up for some -- the skies lit up for some. i'm giving you a hint, there's a lot playing into our weather, but not until next tuesday or wednesday. until then, it will be all about a decrease in the fog and very warm temps. high pressure here is going to link up with one coming from the pacific northwest. those two will get really hot temps to us, but look at the moisture rotating around that. it could be a major
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factor in our weather by next wednesday or so. 60s, 70s, upper 70s, 80s and 90s. and tomorrow, the warming begins. even the coast, san francisco, and everybody will be very warm friday into sunday. >> pam, can't talk you out of it. >> if i can talk myself out of it, i would. >> it's labor day weekend coming up, so maybe some people can head to the coast or you don't have to leave -- >> why can't it be in the 80s? >> yeah. >> i guess. >> does it have to be 110? >> true. i have to say no, it does not, but it will be. >> it will be pretty hot. >> be advised. there's going to be a lot of hot issues. >> we need to prepare. thank you, steve. the time is 4:49. the giants lost to the padres. pitcher moore struggled again.
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>> blash deep in center field and this is way back there. second back to tie the game. >> you knew that was going right away. the padres tied the game in the 4th and later in the inning with two -- he smashed a three run homer. yikes. tonight the giant s s and padres wrap up their seriess and the game starts at 6:10. the a's wrap up the series in anaheim after losing to the angels. >> they were tired. they were put in the angel's hall of fame. right field, calhoun is back, and that baby is gone. >> matt joyce hit his 20th homer of the year in the second inning. later in the second, he connected for his tenth homer. the a's doug themselves into a big hole and lost by 6 runs. tonight's game starts at 7:07. all right. our time is 4:50. a bart station in the east bay will be closed over the labor day weekend. the impact it could have if you plan to
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take bart around late [indiscernible].
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welcome back. an investigation today after a 10 foot catamaran capsizes in san francisco bay. here to -- tour ferry heard
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there call for distress, but a private boat already rescued from -- one from the water. a coast guard helicopter lowered a outlined to lift that men to safety and both boaters were not hurt. >>some people thought that someone had fallen off of the boat that we were on but in the distance, we could see someone sitting on one of the rocks and waiting with blue gloves. then we saw his boat had crashed into the side. >> it is kind of unusual but everyone works together on the day. >> for the skipper, it was his second distress call this month. a couple weeks ago, he and his crew rescued 10 people from a boat that ran aground and think near alcatraz. today san francisco general hospital opens a special facility for people with mental
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illness. the hummingbird navigation center will start with four beds and have 15 by the end of the year. it is the city's most of the -- first navigation center dedicated to help people with mental health issues. many are expected to be referred to the center after being discharged from sf general psychiatric unit. >>the state says kaiser permanente did not provide information on patient care to the medi-cal program. the state uses that information on hospital admissions, doctor visits and prescription drugs to make sure there is adequate care available under medi-cal. kaiser is not appealing for $2.2 million fine. more older men are becoming fathers. the study shows that the average age of fathers with newborn
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babies went from 27 1/2 years old to nearly 31. 9% of newborns have dads over the age of 30. older dads tend to provide a more economically stable household, there's also a higher chance of babies with birth defects. a man who is wanted for murder on the east coast has not been captured. 34-year-old robert colston is wanted in connection with a shooting and killing of a man in kansas. then, got on an amtrak train and was headed north friday night. that's one colston allegedly cut -- hit a train conductor in the face. colston was taken to hospital where he was arrested. the time is 4:56 am. part will be holding a behind the scenes preview.
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that art station will be close over the labor day weekend, this weekend, so crews can rebuild the tracks. and the plan for 20-40 minutes of travel time in that space. work to clean up the napa river shipping to channel is back underway. new dredging work to remove sediment left over from the storms will soon be over underway. the city may also ask for more work to be done to clean up the river if it gets more than $2 million in fema aid. most of the waterway maintenance done in and near napa in the past two years was undone by january and february storm. providing disaster relief in texas, fema is calling in
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more help including a crew from sacramento. >>and, as rainfall from hurricane harvey breaks the record, evacuations and records -- rescues continue across the east. the number of dead is rising. traffic is moving along okay, if you aren't driving on the bay bridge toll plaza.
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good morning. the latest from texas where some of the levees and reservoirs are filled to the brim. this as the death toll from hurricane harvey keeps rising. we are there in houston, witnessing many evacuations. the challenges he has seen first-hand as flood waters continue to rise. wednesday morning august august 30. steve is right here. >>get ready. >>it stts


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